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Eye specialist for glaucoma?

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    Eye specialist for glaucoma?

    any recommendations for a good ophthalmologist for glaucoma? most ophthalmologists I came across do Lasik - very lucrative I guess. The HK ophthalmologist I see is so conservative, he will hardly give any advice.

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    hi, I"m not sure if you're this is what you're looking for. I go to HK Sanatorium in Happy Valley. I have several eye issues and have seen all the private (and expensive) doctors in Central that cater to expats...and finally found the right doctors in HK Sanatorium.

    Their Opthalmology dept is large and extensive with all the latest equipment and medication. The only problem is the wait can be very long. My first appt was an 1hr and half!!!! but subsequent ones become much shorter.

    Also they have a clinic in Central where all the doctors do a rotation so u can start there.

    Hope this helps.

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