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Kids' X'mas presents???

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    Kids' X'mas presents???

    Just wondering what people are buying for their own kids, nieces, nephews and friends' kids etc.

    Any ideas in particular for 2-3 yr. olds and 4-6 yr. olds?


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    i think it all comes down to budgets.

    we have some VERY good friends coming to stay with us and we have agreed already on the budget for presents... we are not to spend more than $100/child.

    i NEVER send presents to my nephews in canada. we usually save the money (as do their parents) and use it when we are back in canada on holiday. last time we went to WEST EDMONTON MALL (the largest shopping centre in the world) and stayed in a hotel. that was a treat for everyone.

    however, i think for my almost 3 yr old, i'm going to try to buy her a wooden kitchen from bumps-to-babes. they are expensive, but it will last. the toys from toys'r'us are utter rubbish that literally fall apart by Boxing Day.

    my son, almost 5, i think we are going to get a bicycle.....

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    We got our son scooter

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    For my son, either for his birthday or Christmas I think I will buy him a Fisher Price Little People set. He's almost 2-years-old. He also likes puzzles so I'll likely get some more of those for him. Oh, and BOOKS! He loves books so that will also be on our Christmas list. We don't give Christmas gifts to anyone else and we usually only buy him one large gift and a few smaller ones. If we were in the States, anyone that would get gifts would get gift cards. I don't believe in making myself stressed and crazy and Christmas over material stuff. I think good gifts for children are quality gifts that will last (and won't drive their parents nuts--so no battery-operated noise-makers, thanks). You don't have to spend a lot of money to get something that's quality. Also, toys that they can manipulate and learn with (blocks, puzzles, art sets etc.) are usually appreciated--just make sure it's age-appropriate and the parents are okay with it.

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