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cord blood saving

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    cord blood saving

    I am full term pregnant and i know i am very very late for this but just for informations I still want to know.
    isnt there any possibility to save cord blood in case one is delivering in a government hospital?

    All the private hospitals were full by the time I decided to save the cord blood of my baby. I had no idea that the organisations that bank the cord blood are not affiliated with government hospitals. Does anyone know why is this.



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    Seems you can only save the cord blood for your own use if you deliver by a on-list doctor and in an on-list private hospital of your cord blood storage company. Some hospitals and/or doctors charge for this extra service too.

    For public hospital, I am not sure only QE n QM will do that but it's donated to the public cord blood bank for sure, not for your private use. If you are not delivering in these public hospital, your baby's cord blood can only to go the trash.

    I think the cord blood storage companies do want the business of those going to give birth in the public hospitals and vice versa. Only they cannot do so for some policy or technical reason.

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