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Any recommended Nurseries in East Kowloon/Clearwater Bay Area

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    Any recommended Nurseries in East Kowloon/Clearwater Bay Area

    I am wondering if anyone can recommend any nurseries in the East Kowloon/Clearwater Bay area.

    My 27 month daughter needs more stimulation than I can give her at home so I would like her to go to some sort of nursery 2 mornings each week, with me accompanying her.

    Any suggestions?

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    The are a few in the Clearwater Bay Area. Kids Can at Razor Hill is very good. Then there is Antsmart in Marina Cove Which ,my daughter went to from 19 months. Woodlands is also in Marina Cove but I have never tried it. Every Thursday there is the playroom at the college on the Clear Water Bay Road, Great Mate Play

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