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kindergarten interview (courtesy from creative-type dad)

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    kindergarten interview (courtesy from creative-type dad)

    Head Mistress: What was your GMAT score?
    4-Year-Old: 680. I could have done better, but I poop regularly 20 minutes after eating a meal.

    Head Mistress: What do you plan to do after kindergarten?
    4-Year-Old: Take a year off before 1st grade to join the Peace Corps.

    Head Mistress: What extracurricular activities do you participate in that will be beneficial to your learning?
    4-Year-Old: I?m currently at Gymboree. I help mentor the 3-year olds.

    Head Mistress: Whom do you most admire for their life endeavors and accomplishments?
    4-Year-Old: Snow White. She has a pretty dress. And I hear she helped unionized poor midgets and improved their working conditions.

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    Fo Tan

    It does seem sort of silly, doesn't it?
    At least one place we looked at was honest enough to admit they are actually interviewing the parents, more than the kids at this age.

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    Thank you, Reei!

    We heard that another well-known public school gives preference to children of a stay-at-home parent, because they know who's really going to be the one to help the children with their homework!

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    hmm, very much so. If one parent stays at home, it is looked upon as a sign of dedication /commitment to educating the child. And possibly also an indication of better financial well-being of the family.

    I unfortunately have to work, full time. At an interview I was asked how I am able to commit to raising my child. I said I guess I committed to it when we decided to have a kid.

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