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Schools guide

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    hi lottieclee

    My daughter is attending playgrup at tutor time right now and she is 22 moths old, I plan to shift her to nursery when she is two. I like tutortime but have a few reservations - firstly they don't have a schoolbus, so either i go to drop her and pick her up and wait therefor three hours, which is just wastge of time for me, and secodly, their tuition fees for nursery is almost double as compared to other schools of the same standard., do you think its worth that much? Would appreciate your views as i am still confused whether to continue with her nursery here or look for something else.


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    where do you stay? that's a major factor!

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    Quote Originally Posted by lottieclee View Post
    Capital Levy is a lump sum that you need to pay either annually or periodically to keep your child at school and you don't get this payment back.

    Debenture is like "shares" you need to buy from the school, it is usually non-interesting bearing and when your child leaves school, you get the value of the debenture back.
    Sorry, but this does not hold in every case. These terms seems to have different meanings at different schools. Even the ESF said their levy was refundable.

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    Does anyone have a pdf version of the Good Guide to Schools 2009. I lost my hard copy.



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