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Please help!! - Clean Air Network

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    Please help!! - Clean Air Network

    Please watch this video:
    [ame=""]YouTube- ????! Breathing Not Allowed (??????Clean Air Network)[/ame]

    Clean Air Network is petitioning to have the government reduce roadside emissions - equal to 40% of Hong Kong's poor air. Hong Kong?s diesel buses are the single biggest source of harmful roadside emissions. They need your support!!! Please take a few moments to voice your opinion.

    As of last week, the Government had only received less than 400 responses to its official questionnaire. It's crucial to INCREASE THE NUMBER OF SUBMISSIONS FROM THE PUBLIC DURING THE PUBLIC CONSULTATION, which ends Nov 30 - Just 7 days left!!

    Please complete and sign the petition here:
    Clean Air Network - CAN - Submit AQO online questionnaire

    Thank you!

    Related Articles:
    ScienceDirect - Chemosphere : Seasonal variation of air pollution index: Hong Kong case study

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    Thanks for posting this!

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