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Please Suggest Another Good Kindergarten Similar to St. Catherine's Kindergarten

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    Cara, I totally agree! However, in the last year of kindergarten there is an expectation - in HK - that kids are reading - or close to. This is not like our western countries. It has been difficult for me as a teacher to come to terms with that - as I feel like you. But that HK education system gobbles up the desire to keep our kids' education 'relaxed'. So why not choose a kindergarten that incorporates these aspects?

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    as i've said in other threads, we've decided to go local. my son is in a local kindergarten with an eye to local primary school.

    my son LOVES going to school (he's almost 5). he has outside playtime (real playground outside on the premises), he is learning chinese (reading and writing, too), his teachers are lovely... so, in all respects i'm fairly happy with it. it's not a "big name" school, rather a church-run school in sai kung.

    i asked my son what his favourite thing about school was a few days ago..."doing my homework and playing" was his response.

    i take over from the school, where i feel it slips slightly (phonics etc).

    my only point with my previous post is that there is more to learning than "passing" an exam or interview. kids will learn to read at their own pace and in their own time (so long as parents take an active, but not pushy, role in their education).

    some times, i think that the parents are more of a problem than the schools! (after tutoring privately for MANY, MANY years, i would say that the problems are 90% parents, 10% schools! at least at this age....)

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    Agree with cara! As a mother I always worry that I didnt give my daughter the very best that I can... thus always opt for the "famous" schools. The fact that I want the very best for her influences my decision making a lot. I used to get upset when she didnt get into St. Cat. But as we went through the P1 interview season together, I know now that It doesnt matter which KG she went. It is how she perform in the interview, and that doesnt always related to her academic result at school. More to how and what you (as parent) teach her in her daily life.

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