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Constantly Constipated Baby! Poorie!

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    Homemade juice

    To help my son to drink more water I usually make him some pear, dried fig sugared dates juice and this also help him with constipation. I buy about 4-5 pears, about 3-4 dried figs and 2 sugared dates from the market, wash it and with the skin cut it into pieces. Boil some water (about 2-3 liters) and add the pears and dried fig and cook it for about 30-45mins at low heat. Cool the juice down and then I usually water it down about half and half; I store the left over in the fridge for up to 3 days and add hot water to it to give to my son. He loves this. I usually give him this twice a day about 200ml each time. Hope this will help.


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    Try to massage your baby's buttocks, especially the side and middle part (try to get to the piriformis muscle, the small muscle below the big buttocks muscles that are gluteus maximus and medius).

    For the sweet potatos it depends which one you get: the soft kind or the hard kind. The hard kind (Japanese, or the paler ones) are closer to the consistency of a regular potato (if not denser!) whereas the soft kind (USA sweet potato at Welcome) is perfectly good and full of fiber. Carrots should not be a problem for the constipation.
    Prunes and papaya are great for helping digestion. Brussel sprouts are good too but beware of the gases.

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