I'm actually thinking of not doing "loot bags" at all for my 2-year-old's party. I have a craft planned in which the kids make something they can take home and display. I mean, I appreciate that other people have these sorts of things at parties but at 2-years-old not only do most kids not expect to receive anything, sometimes what they receive ends up just becoming rubbish. Since I'm not eager to spend even $50 HKD/bag, I would rather not just put together a cheap "loot bag" so that I can say I did it but not feel really good about the stuff that went into it. I've also read some good articles lately that argued that if you're going to give "cheap stuff" that's likely to be thrown out anyway, why not save the money and the environment and plug it into making the party experience better. So, although it's tradition, I don't think anyone should feel like they even have to give out stuff like this.