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neck travel pillow for toddler

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    neck travel pillow for toddler


    Has anyone seen travel pillows for sale for toddlers in hk. The kind you put behind your neck for sleeping on flights (like the kind they sell in airports for adults that you inflate yourself). I saw one a few weeks ago but can't remeber where!

    B2B has some for newborns but they go under the chin - I am after the kind that goes behind the neck.

    He probably won't use it but i'd like to try it.

    Has anyone used them with a young child ?? Did it work ??? - he is 17 months. I thinking i'd let him fall asleep without it and then try and put it on him once he was alseep. I've flown with him a lot but this will be his first economy long haul without a bassinet type thing.

    Thanks for any help.

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    we have used one in the past. at a similar age - maybe a bit older - he put it on and fell asleep that way. he'll be taking it with him again when we fly this xmas. i think they definitely help depending on the position they end up falling asleep in. those economy seats aren't built for comfort!!

    have seen them in HK recently too but don't recall where. i'll have a think

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