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Do you give your baby pacifier??

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    MamaC is offline Registered User
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    Do you give your baby pacifier??

    Hi everyone,
    Do you guys give your baby pacifier??If so when do you start giving it??since my baby is already putting her hands in her mouth(1 month old) and i really don't want her to suck her fingers,especially later when she starts to crawl,I think pacifier is more hygenic.thx alot.

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    I didn't as I personally don't like them, although I did buy one just in case! I did try to give it to my son after a bad night but he kept pushing it out and got more upset when I tried to put in back in his mouth. So after that i didn't bother. Yes he sucked his fingers early and only does it occasionally now, but I think all babies do that regardless of wether they have a pacifier or not. And I wouldn't worry about the hygeine thing as your bub will probably drop the pacifier on the floor and put it back in her mouth.

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    AmyH is offline Registered User
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    With my first child we were advised to give him a pacifier as he was born at 28 weeks and did not have the sucking reflex so the pacifier helped him with that. He loved it and he was three before we weaned him off it.

    My daughter is now 14 weeks old and I have one in the house but she does not like it, she too sucks her hands quite frequently but will not touch the pacifier.

    I am not against them at all and if she did like it I would not have any problems with giving it to her.

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    starbucks2 is offline Registered User
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    May 2009
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    I didn't want to use one either but bought one just in case. Never needed it which I was pleased about (but every baby is different). My concern with them is that they often act as a sleep prop that is then difficult to get rid of later. We did try it once on the plane but he was not interested.

    Even if you do use one for sleep times I am sure that your baby will still put fingers into their mouth at some point - especially when teething. It is not such a bad thing really - that is how they build up their immunity.

    Last edited by starbucks2; 11-30-2009 at 08:08 AM.

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    mscheerful is offline Registered User
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    i gave after 6 weeks of almost round the clock feeding - i am so glad i gave and pacifier is the best nanny for my son :) i remove it gradually when he turned 1. i offered it to him a few weeks later to try whether he remembers it.. no. he did not know how to suck it at all and he thrown milk bottle on the floor too. so slightly after 1, he is off from pacifier and bottle. No regret of giving, instead, thank the person who invented pacifier! I took a lot of 'pacifier sucking pictures of him. he looked so cute. awwww :D

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    Obiwan is offline Registered User
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    Jul 2009
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    My little girl, now 3 months old, also loves to put her fist in her month, and is now starting to find her fingers haha. My husband prefers giving her the pacifier vs letting her suck her fingers cos we can take the pacifier away, but not her fingers!!

    Haven't done that yet though. Only take the pacifier with us when we go out, in case there is a screaming fit, have not needed to use it yet :)

    Did our first overseas trip last week, she was peaceful throughout the flight. They also allowed us to carry water with us.

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    Sai Kung

    my first HATED the pacifier and only ever took it once.

    my second LOVED IT! to the point that if we forgot it, we had to buy another one! she used it ONLY for sleeping. when the babies are really little, they do pop them out of the mouth frequently, but for us, it didn't mean that she didn't want it. it merely meant that she didn't yet know how to suck it properly.

    we bought the first one for her when she was 5 days old. i spent an entire night trying to feed her when we returned from the hospital and my boobs were SO sore, i sent hubby out as soon as the shops openned. she had one from that day until she turned 21 months. she used it until one day she just said 'NO MUMMY! DON'T WANT!' and threw it on the floor! that was the end of that. we didn't have to worry about weaning her off of it etc. she did it herself. kind of like she is doing toilet training herself.

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    Shenzhennifer is offline Registered User
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    Tsuen Wan

    I wasn`t keen to use a pacifier but bought a couple anyway, just in case. At around 4-6 weeks at a few `wit`s end` moments, I gave it to my baby, but it was rejected. Probably since he didn`t drink from a bottle and wasn`t used to a rubber nipple.
    He found his hands a few weeks later, my life became a lot easier, as he was able to sooth himself. I have seen my friends constantly having to pop soothers back into their baby`s mouth, wash them, sterilize them and buy them out in public if one is lost, and I was glad not to have to deal with that. And personally, the sight of an older baby with a pacifier in its mouth is just not endearing to me.
    I feel the opposite about the finger and thumb sucking and think it`s cute, though I know a lot of people (particularly the Chinese here, don`t know why) are opposed to it. Maybe my son will grow out of it, and maybe he won`t and I`ll deal with that if it comes. But for now, I support his thumbsucking and glad it`s not a pacifier instead.

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