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How many times and how much milk do you give for you baby from 12 months up?

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    thanks nicolejoy and congratulations to you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yonge View Post
    Our younger son was only taking a total of 6-8 oz in 3-4 servings a day while I was breastfeeding him on demand (approximately 5-6 times during the day and another 3-4 times during the night) until almost 21 months. We suspected that he wasn't eating enough solids or drinking sufficient alternatives to my breastmilk, so we proceeded to wean him cold turkey by having me go away for the weekend. On the first night, he took about 20 oz of cow's milk. He's since tried more foods during this week than he has in the past 6 months. He still doesn't like meat very much, but is willing to take greater quantities of vegetables and starches. I would have loved to continue nursing him, but the main reason I stopped was because he wasn't trying to new foods or eat very much as long as I was nursing him on demand and frankly, I didn't have the willpower to reduce his feeds. Now, he's eating solids and drinking cow's milk much better!
    It's really good to read this (sorry just that I can relate). My son's 9+ months and a really 'milky' baby, he just hasn't taken up solids very well. I want to start weaning him as he turns 1 years old, but am still reading up on how to do it properly. Your idea is a great one but did you get plugged ducts by going away for the weekend?

    I'm still feeding him on demand, 2-3 times during the day (I work from 2-6pm) and then 3-4 times at night, it IS starting to get tiring and he's starting to teeth as well, so although I would love to continue breastfeeding it would be great if I could wean him by 1 years old.

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    A question to all the mothers whose babies are on less than 3 full milk feeds a day:
    My son, now 12.5 months, is getting very difficult to pin down and feed, particularly at his 2nd feed of the day. The 1st is hit or miss, and the 3rd (before bed) is usually fine. Aside from his bottles, he eats pretty well (but not well at breakfast), but now he`s REALLY resistant to drinking milk, out of a bottle or his beloved straw cup.
    My question is how your baby got down to 2 or 1 feed per day. Was it their decision?
    It`s to my understanding that babies after 1 still need the 3 bottles per day (or equivalent) and so I`m pretty frustrated that this is happening. I wonder if it might be related to his starting to walk now? Or he just doesn`t want to drink that much milk anymore. Weird...

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    I have followed my childrens lead with milk feeds. both boys have been good eaters and naturally dropped their second milk feed at around 12months of age.And by 18months of age would have 1 milk feed before bed (occasionally requesting one after breakfast as well). They have a varied healthy diet so I wasn't at all bothered.
    Much of what I have read supports my view that if you overdo it on milk you will be filling them up so that they are not hungry or motivated to eat other solids that provide important nutrition and developmental stimulation.

    I would follow his lead :o)

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    I'm wondering - when you say "milk" feeds are you talking cow's milk or formula/breastmilk? I'm still breastfeeding my 15 month old (2 - 3 times/day) as well as giving her cow's milk at meals (not sure how much exactly, but she loves it so she ends up drinking at least 6-10 ounces/day). She hasn't been eating well for a while now and I'm wondering if she is getting TOO much milk?

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    I also just followed her lead - plus I was still breastfeeding and found out I was pregnant when she was 13 months, so my motivation to cut down on the milk was much higher!! You hear so many mixed things about what they "need" depending on who you listen to, but I think they don't "NEED" the milk after 12 months so I personally didn't force it if she didn't want it. Actually as soon as she turned 12 months, I did "don't offer don't refuse" so if she wanted it, she had to ask/indicate that was what she wanted - otherwise she got an alternative.

    Some of my friends kids at the same age (15 months) are drinking a LOT of milk each day, some are drinking not as much. It seems like a lot of the ones who are big milk drinkers aren't as good with their solids, but maybe that's just coincidence? My daughter will eat nearly anything that we eat (tonight she was eating corn on the cob hehe) but isn't so good with the milk. She loves dairy though and asks for cheese multiple times through the day. And she drinks more water than me too!

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    congrats nicole :)

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