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Educating your helper about environmental friendly issues

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    Educating your helper about environmental friendly issues

    Does anyone educate their helpers about environmental friendly issues such as engery and water saving tips? If yes, how?

    I find that my helper has not much sense about this. She will turn on the washing machine with a few T shirts, leave the lights on in her room when she is cooking in the kitchen... What bothers me recently is that she uses the washer dryer everyday for her clothes. She seems to have more laundry than me and my husband together.

    What guidelines do you give your helpers for using the washer dryer? How often do they wash their own clothings?

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    i dont monitor my helper's use of the washer/dryer but i would hope she washes her clothes whenever they are dirty. chasing after the kids, cleaning and cooking ... i would expect her to have a fair amount of laundry! a load a day seems excessive, though.

    as for guidelines - i let my helper know that we only use the washer when there is a full load. and we practise lights off when we are not in a room.

    learning from example is the best way to educate your helper about energy conservation. tell her why you turn off lights when you leave a room.

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    when my helper first started with us, she was (literally) terrified that we would fire her if we ever saw dirty clothes. she had been trained to take clothes immediately from the basket and wash them. it wasn't until i assured her i would be a much happier employer if she waited until a full load.

    i try to turn lights off, and i often come in and turn off lights in 5 or 6 rooms and find no one home. the only problem? it's not my helper that leaves them on, but my husband!

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