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To do list.

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    What you and others have said regarding 3) = reading, is so true for those of educated "normally". I try and try to have her understand that opinion is just that and if the article is well researched then at the very least it will have a reference index to back up the statement.

    Jenny is a product of Mao and the 60's mainland system. You read, you write, you pass with what you write down from what you read. Questioning is not in her DNA ( but she has freckles, dimples and the cutest nose - so how can I get mad and force the point ! ).

    Life in households where the educational point of view is not just 180 but 360 x XXX like an angry Taz in a Looney Tunes cartoon, is slow and steady, when it comes to explanations of what is and isn't cold hard fact!

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    hi boris and jenny

    1) i have done it naturally and had a c-section and by far i preferred vaginal delivery. the recovery, pain and numbness of the c-section was awful.

    2) with my second pregnancy i gave birth at the queen mary and only have positive things to say about the experience. they were fantastic. as cara says, they are not luxurious, but they are very knowledgeable. and the price is right. and the expertise is as well. if you fall under the queen mary catchement, you are in great hands.

    3) the best resource is other parents. definitely join up here!

    4) we used cloth nappies for our first. was easy. didn't regret that decision.

    5) breastfeeding is wonderful if you can do it!

    6) stanley, wanchai, the lanes in central, ladies market, lots of places to get great baby things. possibly don't buy too much...there will always be other newborns growing out of clothes that friends will hand down to you and you will likely get lots of gifts!

    boris, congratulations on your second chance. i feel for you and your first born. any way you could write child #1 a letter and express your regret? you've obviously got a great way with words.


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