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To do list.

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    Boris is offline Registered User
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    To do list.

    As the " [email protected] 4the2ndtime " and with a Chinese wife who reads and believes what she reads as gospel ( the product of the Mao education system I'm sad to say ) because its her first and she is intrigued / scared by the unexpected experience to come. I ask for the following assistance from you all because white man speak has no credibility with the Chinese maiden.

    1) That C section is NOT de rigueur for childbirth and with enough drugs its going to be OK going Onaturel. Natural birthers speaking mandarin or canto PLEASE rescue me because all she is reading says its a horror story.

    2) That the public service does not have you queuing for one room on a conveyour belt system, in agony, with no care, all alone, at Queen Marys. That ( as I have seen posted here ) you can go on a Saturday and check it out for yourselves.

    3) That everything you read is not necessarily so definitive and there is no substitute for experience. She should join a group and be comforted that she is not alone but ( even though 42 ) one of many millions having the experience annually.

    4) That anything but a disposable diaper is great in theory until you deal with the reality of the operation. On that point also that Johnsons baby powder and Sudocrem is an ESSENTIAL item and not poisonous western medicine.

    FYI- Thanks to Rani for putting up all the info in the articles section. That shopping review of Ah Chi Co is spot on and great to know that what we thought in our visit before seeing the review, is well founded.

    Questions I have.
    a) Formula prices -- are you having a laugh here in HK ????? These guys are REALLY ripping you off.

    b) Stanley Market - ( Lo Woo by the sea ) - nice quality but is there the same thing not so remote and aimed at non tourists, buying discount branded for baby?

    c) For general purpose use the Wellcome No Frills range of Diaper seems good value and also appears to be the same product that Toys R Us brand their own. Whats the reality? For me ( a man ) all I see is Pampers using the extra money you pay for Sacchi and Sacchi advertising and elasticated gimmickry.

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    Sleuth is offline Registered User
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    Fo Tan

    Okay, i am not Chinese so I will have to skip to the bottom of your thread, but we use the Toys-r-Us diapers and they are fine. I will say, however, that all babies are not equal and yours might not be able to use them. It is a question of diaper blow-out. For instance, for our kids, Pampers were terrible, but Huggies okay. And, as I said, we use the Toys-r-Us variety 95% of the time.
    Also, where else would you buy formula? China? Can't do much about the price here, although you can skip it to a large degree for as long as you want. The mommy-to-be comes equipped with better stuff than formula anyway.

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    arleneli is offline Registered User
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    I had C section and I can tell you that it was a nightmare compared to my cousin (who gave birth naturally a day before me and was on the same hospital). I envied her for having able to walk around and hold her baby when I couldnt even sit properly. But I think as your wife is 42, you should ask obs advice on this one.
    For diaper, it is really depend on your baby's delicate skin. My heart aches when I see my baby's sore red skin and hear the cry she made when I try to clean those sore skin. I would spend more to get a better diaper for her.
    About formula, breastfeeding is better than any formula in the world. Cow's milk is not suitable for under 1 year old. And ppl from mainland china are crazily buying the formula here in hongkong for an obviuos reason, trusted quality especially after the tainted milk incident. Both diaper and formula can be bought at cheaper price at local drug store.

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    Shenzhennifer is offline Registered User
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    Tsuen Wan

    " [email protected] 4the2ndtime " - you make me laugh. And what an adventure you`re about to go on (again).
    I`m western but I will give my 2 sense to all that apply for me:
    1)yes, the c-section preference here is weird. I went through about 20 hours or so of labour and then had a c-section. Both terribly painful. But at least with natural, the experiences and pain thresholds vary so greatly it`d be hard for anyone to comment with confidence. But c-sections are generally uniform, as are our bodies, and MAN OH MAN THEY HUUUURRRRTTTT!!!!!
    3)she is obviously experienced but out of practice and daunted. She should join this site and there is a similar Chinese language one called...Baby Kingdom, I believe.
    4) I agree. I use also disposable, and although the waste is shameful, I can`t see myself doing the dirty work for the former. However, I`m sorry to inform you that times have changed, and baby powder is no longer kosher to use. It`s now considered dangerous for the baby to inhale during use. I don`t know Sudocrem but if it`s for diaper rash, Vaseline works wonders for that and more.

    a) They are high, for sure. But unless you want to chance it with plastic, you will have to shell out for the imports. And more for organic. Breastfeeding is free:)
    b) I go to Stanley (though probably won`t anymore) and it IS far and it`s not that cheap. People on this board talk about this street market and that one, but I have not been to a market that has such a variety (of sizes too) of brands that I like (like Carters) with such consistency. It`s kind of a one-stop shop, but I find markets are too tedious (too many one-offs) when bent on time. But maybe I haven`t been to the right one.
    c) I have used almost all (normal priced) brands here (which are also more expensive than back home), and I have preferences for different baby ages. Don`t forget, your newborn will be constantly dripping poo (remember?), so it`s up to you if you want a cheaper diaper or a good diaper(love papmpers swaddlers, so soft)... I have been using ToysRUs brand for a while (to complement my huggies) and I think they are totally fine and the price is great. Local pharmacies are SOOO much cheaper than ParknShop and Watsons, etc.

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    Boris is offline Registered User
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    Dec 2009
    Lai Chi Shan, Tai Po

    I am appreciating the replies here A LOT,
    a) Because it reinforces some things already given as anecdotal.
    b) You are all very civilised !

    Thanks ( so far ) for the links and we will both carry these forward. Baby Kingdom is something I was not aware of and will be good reading for my wife ( Jenny ) and also I am translating this into Chinese for her because the information value ( after a quick look at B K ) seems much higher.

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    karmah1 is offline Registered User
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    Sydney, Australia (but would like to return to HK)

    Great post BORIS, glad to see fathers getting involved!

    1) Child birth is painful, natural or c-section! There are pro's and con's to both. I did a course with Annerley midwives which gave alot of information on child birth, and they also have Hypnobirthinhg classes. Check out the Annerley website Annerley - maternity and early childhood professionals in Hong Kong.

    2) Sorry can't answer that as I went private.

    3) Get your wife on this website. I bought way too many books on pregnancy, child birth and babies, and found so much conflicting information and advice. The best source of information I found was from this website! They even have due-date clubs where you can meet up with other mothers to be due around the same time.

    4) I felt guilty about using disposable nappies but couldn't face using cloth. So I bought the most eco-friendly I could find, Tushies from Bumps to Babes and MOLTEX from Three Sixty supermarkets. Yes they are more expensive but I felt I was helping the environment. Baby powder isn't really used anymore. I used it occasionally to dry my babies neck as it was hard to dry with all his rolls of fat. And I only used an organic brand which is Talc free and made of corn starch called Green Baby. I used the same brand for his nappy cream, bath wash and shampoo. I've also used Burts Bee's products too. Both more expensive than Johnsons & Johnsons but with less chemicals.

    a) Try breastfeeding first, its free!! Formula is expensive.

    b) I went to Stanley a few times the clothes were good, but its not that cheap and its a trek. There is a place in Central that sells cheap clothes from Mothercare. I just can't remember the name...there is also a store at DB. I picked up the pamphlet at Annerley.

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    banane76 is offline Registered User
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    That store in Central is called Togs Unlimited. It's on the 8th floor of the Kimley Commercial building across from the Centre on Queen's road.

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    Fa Yuen St definitely has the best value for $. Have seen bodysuits for $5 and $10.

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