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Wisley kindergarten

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    sandy0741 is offline Registered User
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    Wisley kindergarten

    I'm wondering if anyone out there got kids going to this kindergarten, if yes, would anyone advise if this a good kindergarten, i mean got caring teachers? are there also kids from other nationalities there, or is all chinese?

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    yonge is offline Registered User
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    I will be sending my younger child there for 2010/2011. It was recommended by a neighbor and I've found the teachers friendly and accessible. They were willing to answer questions that I had about the curriculum, whereas some of the more sought-after schools would not. I'm not sure what the make-up of the rest of the class will be, but my son is Chinese-American, if that helps.

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    I am considering sending my child there too in 2010. We are not in HK yet but they were very helpful in answering our questions. May I ask Yonge what you like about it specifically? Is there an outdoor play space? It is hard to choose a school without being there.

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    slamdunk is offline Registered User
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    My eldest went to Wisely at pre-Nursery and loved it. bbt - there is an outdoor covered terrace. Found the teachers very helpful given we don't read any Chinese and speak English at home. All correspondence is in Chinese and teachers jotted notes in English for the 'important' bits... My eldest still talks about Wisely even tho we switched this year to a kindy easier to get to from home. As for most decent local kindy's, we got a 'year book' (photos of kids in class doing activities over the year). What I didn't expect was a DVD made up of various clips of your child's class showing classroom activities over different days - quite a sweet memento. It is a Christian school, my eldest learnt to say grace in Cantonese but didn't seem overtly religious. hope that helps.

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    Aava.Wong is offline Registered User
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    i'm looking at nurseries/kindys at the mo and wanted to check out wisely as it has been well recommended on this website. i'm looking into sun island too and wanted to get more options before enrolling.

    i checked out wisely's website but it doesn't have an email address - do any parents have the email address? much appreciated!

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