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Breasts have shrunk...

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    Tsuen Wan

    Right before I got pregnant I was like a dude. My early breastfeeding days were spent inspecting my slight but saucy cleavage whilst blocking out views of my flabby midriff. As breastfeeding went on and my cleavage widened and softened, and now with one evening feed on one side I`m just hanging on to it, fending my dude figure off day by day. They`re almost gone now, but as long as it`s not worse than before, I`m ok with that. The one good thing about starting small is that there`s little saggage.
    Like Thanka2, I also think about the small percentage of people who never wake up from surgery(particualry cosmetic). But also, I think about the high cost and the self-centredness of it all. But that`s coming from someone who would have to GET them, not LIFT them. Then it goes back to the thought of never seeing my child again just because mommy wanted bigger boobs. To me, the risk is too great for this kind of superficial reason (said the woman with no boobs).

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    Y'know, it's funny the things we women will do for beauty and there is a different stopping point for everyone. I mean, we go through the trouble to look and feel our best and I think no matter how unaffected by vanity we are, I think most women are affected psychologically by how we look on the outside. And breasts are intimately connected to how many women see themselves as a woman. Our minister's wife had to have a double masectomy because of cancer which saved her life. She is a woman who has spent years helping the poor and quite selflessly serving others and on a scale of 1-10 of vanity, I'd say she might top out at a 2 but still she felt quite depressed about losing her breasts and I think she's not the only one who feels much less "womanly" after such a thing. So, in my mind, I really don't chalk wanting your breasts to be bigger, smaller or different up to being vain or self-centered--it really can have a huge impact on how you feel and see yourself and it's different for everyone. My best friend from high school was really "endowed" with large breasts which made her life miserable. Some people would think, "How lucky!" But, she had a breast reduction and now finally feels confident and good about how she looks in that area. Some women have breast augmentation so that they don't have a flat chest anymore and I think that that is perfectly understandable. Kind of in a related manner, another one of my friends has had to wear glasses all of her life. She is a young mother of three and has a foster child as well but she went and had lasik surgery to correct her vision. There is a risk with this type of surgery of actually losing your sight! She woke up blind and they didn't know if would last or not! Thankfully about a week later her sight returned! Some would think that she was being irresponsible by choosing to take the risk but at the same time, the reward for taking the risk ended up to be no more glasses and feeling better about her looks. And I guess, everything you do in life involves risk so maybe for some people the risks are worth it. I'm just a bit skittish of the whole going under the knife thing, personally.

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