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3 months old - short naps and 5 minute feeds

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    There is an interesting article in Sunday's BBC News at, BBC News - Gina Ford's baby advice 'like Ikea manual', says Clegg, about Gina Ford's methods.

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    Her rebuttals were even funnier than his comments. She`s the one who looks like a baby now.

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    I was very concerned when it came to my son's napping habit when he was younger. He would just nap for 15-20 min tops two to three times a day, and then he moved on to have a short (less than 30 mins) and a two-three hour nap a day! Now he's nearly 6mths old and he usually has a one-one and a half hour nap when we go for a walk and two half and hour naps in the afternoon/early evening. Their habits change all the time so relax and don't worry too much.
    I haven't read any of the Gina Ford's books but when I had my antenatal classes, the lactation consultant dissed it completely. I would totally recommend a book written by an Australian midwife/lactation consultant, it is called Sleeping like a baby by Pinky Mckay. I found it extremely helpful and it made me feel so much better when I thought my son had sleep problems.

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