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Help going to Canada toronto with baby for first time!!

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    Liquids that have been screened at security are fine, just no additional liquids that were purchased in the terminal - duty free alcohol, perfume, bottles of drink etc.
    You can refuse the plastic stroller bag if you dont want it, but think you would then struggle to make a claim for damages if your stroller was destroyed by rain or badly scratched in the cargo hold.

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    I'm traveling to the UK via Bangkok on Thursday, and my son has been prescribed some liquid medicine for his runny nose. Do you think there's going to be a problem? It's in a 100ml plastic bottle.


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    Have 3 & 6 year old and last time we went to Vancouver I had a whole medicine bag with me ... Dimetapp, Anitbiotics ... (of course someone always gets sick just before we leave!) The Dimetapp was in a bigger bottle and I just had it all in a clear zip-lock bag and they didn't say anything! I was prepared to take a sip from each bottle that is how bad I needed it for the flight! Was just me and 2 kids! Also had 2 small UHT milk boxes with me (250 ml or bigger) and no problem.

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    Any liquids required for baby, be they food or medication, are allowed on flights, and are exempt from the 100ml rules. This is definite for US and Australia flights (have checked their foreign affairs / security sites before flying). If you're goign somewhere else I would check the destination country's similar site. It's not to do with the airline or HK airport itself.

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