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Breastfeeding in public? Nursing room in malls?

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    i think that the trauma of my birthing experiences caused something in me to snap. i never used bf as a protest (although i know what you are talking about). i hate bf "nazis" (i don't use that term lightly) that make women feel guilty for not doing it the "right" way.

    i honestly think that women have nothing to be ashamed of and actually something to be proud of if they choose to bf their babies. i don't think they should be "sitting in" in places to prove a point. however, if i was feeding my child and someone came over and asked me to stop, i would probably have taken their head off.

    if you are more comfortable with a cover, go for it. if you are more comfortable without a cover, go for it. if you are more comfortable using a bottle, go for it.

    what i DO have a problem with is a society that causes women to feel ashamed of breastfeeding in public. it's not like we are doing a striptease on the table tops of starbucks, for goodness sake! we are feeding our children!

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    i agree with you carang, if someone came over and made an issue about it as i was BFing i would probably tear their head off as well.

    my husband's still very sceptical about me Bf in public, he's always fiddling with my nursing cover. baby likes to play/peek out the bebe au lait hole too. several times i've snapped at him as it really irritated me (in my mind, feeding baby was more important than whether i was 'showing' or not)

    but hey, when in rome, do as the romans do, i guess.

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    IFC has a very comfortable baby room to BF as does the Pacific Place....good for those that do not want to BF too (bottle warmer)

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    I used a drape when I was feeding in public and would not be comfortable without one. I fed #1 to 11 months and he got used to the drape fine.

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    I, as a matter of fact, need to use a drape or BF in the baby nursing room simply because my son can get so easily distracted by anything and everything!

    Thanks for all the info ladies!

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    Not as difficult as I thought

    I went to HK in November 2009 when my LO was 6 months old with my mum and stayed with my grandmother. It was a last minute decision and I went into overdrive panic about bfg. In the UK we can pretty much bf where we want and most of the time without drawing too much attention. One particular friend told me that I would have to make compromises if I wanted to bf in HK ... ie I may need to feed LO in the loos! Having not been to HK for 10 years this was not very positive at all.

    Anyway, we arrived, and I was so very surprised to see that there were nursing/feeding rooms in many shopping malls and department stores, even in the NT - we live in Tai Po - AND they were so very clean... so much cleaner than the UK, so HK gets a massive thumbs up from me for bf facilities! Not once did I have to feed my LO in the loo.

    I even bf in a courtyard in Fanling, and a few coffee shops around Kowloon. Clearly, this is an issue to do with how comfortable you are about bfg in public in HK - and I for one, was very consciencious about it, and my mother was even worse, but she soon relaxed and we just got on with it. I was discreet of course, but covering up was never going to happen since that makes my LO want to know what's going on outside even more!

    The baby room in Pacific Place is lovely, it's an egg shaped pod, with low lighting, soap and large disposable changing mats (paper sheets). However, be aware there were times women were just using it to take a nap or something...(not once did I believe any were expressing either!). Elements is fab! Festival Walk is just great if not a little cool. There are two feeding rooms with changing facilities and two changing stations in the main area.

    Good luck!

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    Brilliant! I would love to know more. I had no ideas there was a BF room in Festival. I too live in Tai Po and had no idea they were there. Where are the BF places in Tai Po?

    I just realised the other day how much of a "no no" it can be to do it in public places. I tried the other day and got a big talking to by a woman that, "there was a man close by and I musn't do it".

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