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Hormone levels

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    Hormone levels


    Does anybody know how to interpret hormone level readings?

    I am about 4 wks pregnant :-) via IVF (4th attempt) and my blood test results have just come back.

    HCG = 342 (200)
    Estrogen = 1179 (800)
    Progesterone = 37.7 (30)

    <my levels and what Dr told me was the standard levels shown in brackets>

    I have searched the web and found it quite confusing to interpret e.g. HCG level of above 5 is considered to be pregnant....and I'm 342 !!

    Is anybody able to shed any light?

    Dr said my progesterone level is borderline and has increased the vaginal supplements that I was already taking - just scared about so taking so much medication !!

    Anybody been in this situation before?


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    Congratulations! Looks like you have a good,strong hcg level. Different labs have different norms but even if their min is 200 then anything above 300 should be great. You never know maybe there is more than one baby in there:)
    A word of advice - trust your doctor and forget the internet. My baby is an IVF one nd I spent the forst 12 weeks stressing myself out with comparing different drugs, side effects etc. I had to take 6 different things and guess what my baby is perfect, You need to take progesterone with ivf cycle cos your body doesn't produce it naturally for the first few weeks as t's not a natural cycle. Good luck with everything - I bet you can't wait for the first scan:)

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    Hi Mela,

    Thanks for the advice - particuarly about trusting Dr and forget the internet. It's hard though as although my Dr is very good and patient with me, there is only so much time you can have with them and then there are so many questions which you try to find the answers to via the web. It is stressful though and which I agree is definately not good ! Thanks again for the advice.


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