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C-section experiences at Queen Marry

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    bun in the oven is offline Registered User
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    C-section experiences at Queen Marry

    I am delivering at queen marry and due to the size of the baby and the position I may need a C-section. Has anyone had a C-section at queen mary? and what was your experience? I am wondering if they will allow me to go into labor first and try vaginally before going to a C-section or if they will actually schedule one at the public hospitals. The concern is primarily the size as there is still time for the baby to turn. any feedback would be helpful. Thanks!

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    sunrays is offline Registered User
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    I had a scheduled c-section at Queen Mary as my baby was breech. No idea if they will let you try naturally first, I would just ask at your next visit. It all went ok, can hardly see the scar. However, you may want to check if you can keep the baby with you after delivery. You have to wait until the anesthetic wears off and then you get taken back to your ward. I don't know the "normal" protocol as my daughter was taken up to Special care and I did not see her until the next day. May want to check what the normal situation is.

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    EmmaHS is offline Registered User
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    I had a scheduled C-section at the Queen Mary in April last year as my baby girl was Breech and wouldn't turn around. If the baby is judged to be too big for you to pass without complication (they use a strict measuring system) or is breech they will not let you try to give birth naturally. (They can try and turn the breech baby before hand if you want, as long as your fluid levels are high enough)
    My op was scheduled for 10 days before the due date and I went in the day before and stayed over night as I was the first op scheduled in the morning.
    The whole experience there was brilliant, I got a good night's sleep the night before as they put me in a ward with no-one else in, the op started on time and my husband was told exactly what to do by the nurses and was there waiting for me in the corridor as I was wheeled up.
    The actual c-section took around 45 mins (a little longer than usual as a student doctor actually performed it under the watchful eye of the surgeon) my scar is fine, small and healed really well. They do use old fashioned stitches though so you'll need to have them removed unlike private hospitals that use the dissolvable ones.
    The nurse showed us the baby (and the sex) as soon as she came out before taking her away to clean her up. They brought her back to me whilst I was in the recovery area for the hour. I did have to ask for her as soon as I got to the ward as it seems that many of the new mothers are happy to have the nurses take care of the babies whilst they recover. (They will feed them, wind them, change them and keep them in the nursery if you allow it) I asked that my baby was kept by my bed all the time and they were fine with that.
    All the nurses were really helpful, even with breast-feeding etc and helped me get up and around the following day. Don't get me wrong though, this is a public hospital and they have strict rules which you have to follow otherwise they will get quite firm with you, if they say pee in a jug, then you should just pee in the jug!!!! It's also quite noisy on the ward so you'll not get much sleep. I also got my husband to bring lunch and dinner during visiting hours as the food is pretty horrid!
    Overall though I thought it was a great public hospital, it was clean, efficient and although strict the staff were great. For a scheduled c-section i would highly recommend it. plus at check out it cost around HK$300 and you can't argue with that!

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    braveheart is offline Registered User
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    I had a c-section at QMH in Sept as my baby too was breech and there was no chance of the baby turning as my amniotic fluid was less. I had to stay in the hospital 10 days before my scheduled c-section as they wanted to monitor my situation.
    The whole experience was fantastic to say the least. Hats off to the staff who are super efficent, experienced and oh yes strict (if need be)!!
    The operation took under an hour and was done by experienced husband had already been instructed what was to be expected and hence no unpleasent surprises there.
    There is another very important reason as to why I'm so overwhelmingly glad that we chose QMH. My baby was diagonised with congenital heart defect 2 days after he was born and had to be operated upon immediately. I have no words to describe the superb medical care that we received.

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    dimsum mum is offline Registered User
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    hi bito
    i had an emergency csection at qmh.
    they were fantastic. the scar was low and healed well. the staff professional and knowledgeable.

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    newmumhk is offline Registered User
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    i had and emergency section so husband wasnt allowed in thhe ward so it was all a bit daunting - but totally fine and there was so much going on that i didnt have time to stress. Unfortuntaly my wound got very infected because apparently tey dont use antibiotics in the drip during the operation - took 6 months to heal

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