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PIPs Kowloon - Pre-nursery Local vs International route

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    PIPs Kowloon - Pre-nursery Local vs International route

    Hi everyone,

    Just wondering if anyone's kid has attended PIPs Kowloon pre-nursery. I am now considering whether to register my DD in either the local or international route. The international route is really pricey ($6K) vs the local stream ($3K).

    Any feedback would be welcome.


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    My 3 yr old goes to the pre-nursery local at PIPS kowloon. I find that the teachers there are really friendly, love kids and my 3 yr old loves going to school (after a long time of rejecting it because he wanted to be home with me).

    In the local stream, they have a teacher that speaks english, andone that speaks cantonese. THen one that comes everyday for 20 mins or so which speaks mandarin.

    THe only difference I can tell is the teacher that speaks mandarin (in international route) vs cantonese (local route).

    HOpe this helps.

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