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Cot... Cheap or expensive?

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    i was more concerned with the cot itself...
    i got 2 second hand cots. paid VERY little for them($200-500) and they lasted for about 16 months each. the first cot i got though was terrible. you needed two hands to lower the side, which meant that if i was by myself carrying a sleeping baby, it was darn-near impossible to put the baby down without "dropping" him the last inch or two.

    i liked the second cot that i could lower using my knee and one hand. easily doable while carrying a small baby. also, i liked it because the actual bottom of the cot could change position as well. so, when the baby was very little and totally immobile, you could have the bottom of the cot higher and you don't have to bend way over to put baby in it. as the baby then progressed, you could lower the bottom of the cot a little at a time.

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    A cot-bed can be a good investment, we got a second hand one very cheaply. That way you can transition to a bed easily.

    It is not recommended to use second-hand mattresses, unless from a sibling.

    For us a high quality mattress was a must - you can get anti-allergy mattresses with special air flow, or go for organic cotton and/or natural latex.

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    For me, I was not comfortable with the idea of using a second hand cot or especially mattress. The baby will sleep on it for 10-18 hrs a day for at least 2 years, which is quite a lot.
    You never know what the cot has been through, how it was cared for. And with all the accidents and recalls these days with brand new cots, I really wanted to get a decent one. Not crazy expensive, but reputable, particularly the mattress.
    I also thought at the beginning that I didn`t care much about what it looked like, and so on, but after my son was born, things changed.
    He slept in a baby hammock for the first 6 months. Then we ended up buying an 0/3 small sized (hk sized) cot including a mattress. I still love looking at my son sleeping in it, and I think it`s good quality and the spring mattress is good too.

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