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baby weight loss

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    I agree with everyone above it's not normal for baby to be fussy and cry for longer than a day around feeding times. My baby has reflux - luckily for us she got diagnosed when she was 6 weeks so we got it under control now. A few pieces of advice you might find useful:

    You might have hear about raising one side of the cot to about 40degrees so they sleep better at night - the acid doesn't flow so easily.

    We found that expressing and feeding from the bottle worked better - especially for night feeds. I used dr Browns bottles that are great for reflux

    Try cutting out all dairy from your diet for a few days and see if it makes any difference - very often relfux is closely related to milk protein intolerance.

    Our little one is on Losec which works very well but it's not easy to crush.

    Find a doctor who knows something about reflux - so many people had told us that we were just making this stuff up.

    Dr Thandup mentioned above comes highly recommended and so does Dr Mark Chan.

    I hope this helps - feel free to PM me if you have any questions.

    It will get better - it starts improving around 6 months. My daughter was quite small and now is in 80th percentile!

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    Leah: Where do you get prevacid from?? He is hating the zantac and spits it all out. I'm thinking of adding it to an expressed bottle but don't want him to associate the bad taste with the milk.
    Thanks for the advice guys. I hope it works!!!

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