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Haiti Earthquake

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    Haiti Earthquake

    Hi, does anyone Know if there are any fundraising events for the Haiti Earthquake? I Know that 7 Eleven is supposed to be taking money on behalf of Redcross but I still haven't seen any posters promoting this..and the shop staff didn't seem to have a clue about what I was talking about!
    Some people do not even Know that it neighbours thought I was referring to the Sichuan Earthquake...unbelievable!!

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    Several fund raising efforts are underway .. mostly private though, as this is not something that the general public is going to get stirred up about.

    I am personally involved in an effort through the Rotary Club to raise money for the Shelterbox Project - ShelterBox: - Home

    The Red Cross and several other groups are actively raising money from thousands of sources.

    One thing that must be kept in mind though ... Haiti is now going to receive more money than it ever had and would have ever hoped for. Will it go to the right people - focus of giving should be on charities that are on the ground and delivering essentials - food, water, shelter - to the ones most in need.

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    I donated online through the Unicef hong kong site.

    UNICEF - Hong Kong Committee for UNICEF

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