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Colostrum Milk Powder?

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    Colostrum Milk Powder?

    Saw an ad on Ripple's Colostrum Milk Powder from New Zealand. It claims to be more nutritious than any other milk powder. Just wondering if any mom out there knows about this brand and what is your experience with this milk powder?

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    There is information about Colostrum Milk Power at Fei Fah: Health Supplement: Colostrum Milk Powder

    Please be aware that this is NOT suitable to use as a subsitute for breast milk - it is not for babies.

    The advert is also quite misleding it says "Bovine colostrum is nearly identical to human colostrum " - No it is not.

    One important thing to remember is that one reason the mother's own milk is best for her baby is the antibodies in the milk, mainly SIgA. These antibodies are made when a mother comes across a germ - so the mother's milk has the exact antibodies for the germs the mother comes across. There is an asumption in nature that the baby is with the mother and so the germs the mother comes across are the germs the baby comes across. And so if the baby is with the mother this system works really well. Your baby will not be with the mother cow making the colostrum and so it is not going to have the antibodies for the germs your baby comes across. Only your own milk can do this.


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