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please help - 7 year old sarah has Leukemia

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    please help - 7 year old sarah has Leukemia

    The 7 year old daughter of a family in one of my homeschooling groups in Hong Kong just been diagnosed with leukemia. The family also has a 5 year old and a 9mth old and they live on one of the outlaying islands 1.5hrs away and do not have a family support system here. At the moment the entire family, including the helper, is staying in a small hotel room near the Queen Mary. As one parent must be with her 24hrs a day (she is going through chemo and is quite ill), the parents are taking turns at the hospital and going back and forth to the hotel and out to buy food/take care of the 2 other children, but by Friday they will need to check out because they don't have enough money to continue this way for the next few months. Anne and Jay want to take Sarah back to the US for treatment but at the moment she is not stable enough to fly and their insurance does not cover a medical evac. They are in a very difficult situation and need support of any kind.

    You can read their story here:
    Sarah Grace Clark

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    i just read their blog and will donate. Its just heartbreaking.

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