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toilet step stool recommendations

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    toilet step stool recommendations

    My son is fully toilet trained and we are currently using a basic plastic step stool for him to reach the toilet. Although the step stool has anti-slip pads on each of the four legs, the stool has slipped a couple of times but fortunately my son wasn't hurt.

    Can anyone recommend a step stool that is safer or has a better anti-slip base and where to buy it?

    Alternately, should we look to buy a wooden step stool. I remember the Disney hotels have a wooden step stool which is really heavy so it's hard to even nudge it with your foot.

    Appreciate any recommendations. Thanks.

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    We're perfectly happy with the inexpensive step stool available at IKEA. It has no legs and is completely flush with the floor, but is strong and lightweight, so the child can actually pick it up fairly easily and move it to the right spot, but will not topple over.

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    we have the Graco potty. We still use it to reach the sink. It's never slipped.

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