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Baby Sleeping Bag

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    I realised that it`s been more than a month,
    but decided to reply anyway,i just saw these messages,
    About ``dream bag``i ordered it 5 pieces online,from UK,
    before my son was born,and i used them all and still using it,i got different tog`s and sizes,to match the weather and age of my baby.These bags are perfect,they raised the price a bit,since last year,but it is still a lot cheaper than ``Grobag``even with shipping costs.The bags are absolutely great,i find them better than ``grobag``s``
    The whole style is more convenient,the pop-up`s at shoulder area are easier to do,when you have a sleepy baby,or very wriggly energetic baby,the zipper that goes around the sides and lower part,is very easy to zipp on and off,especially great for night diaper changes,you don`t need to take the off at all,if the baby asleep you almost don`t disturb the child,slightly unzipp and slip the new diaper into the bag,
    that was the best part of having the bag,made night changes a peaceful time,in my case having a baby who is a very light sleeper.I am actually going to purchase some more bags for the summer,0.5 tog.
    Quick word about good fitting sizes,
    My son was born a large baby,and always goes about 2-3 months ahead on the charts with weight and height.
    I bought the bags before the birth,so when I tried his first bag,I was worried that he won`t wear it for too long,size-0-6 months,but at exactly 6 months he outgrew it,and his w/h was of a 8,or 8.5 months,so as you can see their sizing is good.If your baby is normal average w/h,he or she can still wear for a longer time.
    Anyway,to all of you moms out there,I definately recommend ``the Dream Bag``

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    bonnie6 is offline Registered User
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    hong kong

    dream bag

    thanks for the tip, i looked and like them but do they now have a distributor here in HK so no shipping costs??
    oh and i think i need tog 1 for here now?
    will i need 0.5 in summer or will the 1 be ok still

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