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giving birth in hongkong

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    giving birth in hongkong

    Hello friendly people,

    The following is the case. My girfriend ( soon to be wife) is pregnant of me ( luckily :)). She is orginally from Hong Kong. She lives in Beijing at the moment. I live in the Nerherlands. Within two months I will be living with her in Beijing. We are expecting the baby in July.

    She wants to desperately give birth in Hong Kong since she trusts the facilities more.

    Problem is however that this is extremely expensive. She told me about 60 000 Hong Kong dollar. Does anyone know if this is true? And are there other possibilities, cheaper? And she is thinking about a ceasarean section, is this more expensive?

    I would love to hear your suggestions/ reactions.

    Kind regards,


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    1) if you go private in hk, a c-section could cost you more than $100k

    2) if you go public, and your girlfriend has a valid HKID card, it will cost next to nothing.

    yes, privately a c-section costs more.

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    This probably all boils down to whether or not your girlfriend has a Hong Kong ID card. If she is originally from Hong Kong and has residency here (or some type of Hong Kong ID card) she can give birth in the public hospital for the price that carang mentioned. If she is set on giving birth in the private hospitals here, even with a HKID card, you're going to pay a lot of money, just as carang said. Maybe she wants the more comfortable private experience and that's why she said 60K. But, that's definitely for a private hospital.

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    Also in a public hospital, you cannot do elective c section just because you don't want a natural birth. You can only do a c section for medical reasons.

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    If your girlfriend is mainland Chinese (no HKID) then her estimates are about right. If she gives birth in a public hospital the up-front fee for non-HKID holders is (I can`t remember, either) about 40K or 50K HK$. It`s a lot. If she goes private with a c-section it will cost even more. It`s pretty crazy here.
    If she`s Chinese, ask her if she would like to have the baby in GZ. There is a VIP birthing centre there that is a fraction of the cost of HK. I had my baby there via c-section, so PM me if you want more details.
    If you both will be based in Beijing, it would be better to go to Shanghai, no? I heard that there are good hospitals there that cater to the expat crowd. HK is pretty far. Aside from the hospital stay itself, she would have to be here before and after the baby, especially if there is paperwork to go back to China. That means spending a lot more on a serviced apartment/hotel. That`s a big reason why I had my baby in China, after being recommended the VIP Centre in GZ(I was living in Shenzhen at the time).

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