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Rooming-In and I need some advice

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    Hi there
    You can be absolutely confident that the public hospitals in HK are safe, clean places to deliver your baby. The infant mortality rate at birth in HK is very low - it's got to be one of the safest places in the world to give birth. Absolutely on a par with Europe and the US.
    The public hospitals all encourage mothers to room-in with their babies and some actually have a policy of skin-to-skin contact after birth which facilitates breastfeeding.
    The main difference I think is the 'nice' factor. The food in the private sector will probably be better and the visiting hours may be more flexible.
    It is possible to continue to meet with your private OB, to get that personal touch and get your questions answered - but closer to delivery time, switch to a public hospital. Or rather, at the same time, start attending the clinics at the public hospital and do the delivery there.
    I think United Christian Hospital is in the same cachement area as Union Hospital? You would have to call up, but I think they have the policy of skin to skin contact.
    If you find yourself stuck with Union Hospital, please consider contacting La Leche League before you have the baby. Have a look at: LLL-HK Home Page. You can still breastfeeding DESPITE the hospital experience, but it would be particularly important to know your stuff beforehand.

    best wishes

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    Hi Maggie,
    Thanks so much for your informative posting. I will definitely check out the La Leche League. Didn't even know that there was one here in HK. GREAT!

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