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How to deal with noisy neighbours ?

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    How to deal with noisy neighbours ?

    The joy of living in an apartment building: We have new neighbours who moved in the flat right above us about 1 month ago. We've been living in our flat since 2 years already and while we never really heard the previous tenants, the new ones are VERY noisy (or the floors must have thinned out in between...)

    We haven't met them yet but by hearing all the noise coming from upstairs we know that they have:
    - 1 young child/baby that cries a lot
    - 2 small dogs that yap a lot
    - a drilling tool that seems to works overnight shifts
    - a hammer that works when the drill is off
    - some kind of strange device that rolls all around the apartment, all day long until wee hours of the night --it sounds like a ball (think cannon ball) or another kind of heavy object being dragged on the floor, or I was also thinking of the baby using a walker but until 1-2am ?!
    - the occasional fight when the husband comes home late from the bars at 3am or later
    - They go to bed quite late (usually after 1am)

    I can't blame them for the baby because I have one -- although mine does not cry near as much as the upstairs neighbour's, but the other things are just driving me insane. The most annoying is in the evening and night when my baby is sleeping and the noise is so loud sometimes that it wakes him up.
    Sorry for the long post but if you've encountered similar problems I would really appreciate some help in finding a diplomatic manner to resolve the noise problem. I was thinking of doing the following:
    1/ Go upstairs and try to discuss with the neighbours about the noises (with risks of being rejected and getting even more noise as revenge) ?
    2/ Write a letter requesting to reduce their noise and place it in their mailbox ?
    3/ Notify and file a complaint with the management office ?
    4/ Ignore and live with it ? -- not sure if I can do that though as it's been 1 month and I cannot stand it anymore, and we cannot really move out easily as we own our place
    5/ do something else ?


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    FutureHKmom is offline Registered User
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    I would notify the management office. I think there is a noise ordinance that prohibits a certain level of noise past 11pm. Of course there is probably nothing that can be done about the baby or dog, but the rest should be stopped especially if it bothers your child! In fact our building's mgmt office just recently sent out a notice to all apartments reminding us to keep the noise level down past a certain hour. You never know, if the noise is as bad as you say, someone else may have complained already! Good luck!

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    I think they're your neighbours and you have to live with them and may need their help one day. So I would go with your first option first, then if it doesn't turn out well, then send a letter to them and give a copy to the management office. Maybe they don't realise they're being so noisy.

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    Yes, definitely let the management know and let them handle it. More tips on GeoExpat

    noisy neighbours - what options? - Hong Kong GeoExpat

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    Tai Tam

    I think we might have the same neighbours! Ours also have the cannon ball sound to the point I am almost convinced they are ten pin bowling up there. Plus there is another sound which sounds like a table tennis ball bouncing along. I have not done anything about it as yet as our bay is still young enough to sleep through most noises (other than the drilling, although thankfully they limit that to the daytime but almost always just as the baby has just gone to sleep) but if it starts waking her I will be going up to speak to them.

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    Buckeroo is offline Registered User
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    I'd say inform the management office and see if they would be able to resolve this for you by talking to them on your behalf.

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    It is better to call management office than dealing with the issue by yourself. They should have a 24 hour service to deal things like this.

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    What IS that noisy ball noise? Our upstairs neighbours have it too - although it makes me think that they're playing marbles with heavier balls - it drives me CRAZY!! I told my husband that one day, I want to go up and knock on their door, just so I can see what they're doing in there!! I've talked to other people and a LOT of people have said that they've heard it too - so it must be something common... but I'm clueless!!

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