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Car seats and taxis

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    sarahkatie is offline Registered User
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    Car seats and taxis

    Hi everyone,

    How do you cope with transporting small babies around the city? Is it feasible to strap car seats into the back of a taxi? I also see people in taxis just holding v small babies - I'm not sure about this, but any advice about carrying the baby in a Baby Bjorn (for example) and strapping yourself in while you wear the baby? In fact i will have two babies to worry about, but that's a different story!


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    Shenzhennifer is offline Registered User
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    Yes, 2 babies is a very different story. If you have twins, I would for sure get carseats for them and then just deal with the inconvenience of things taking a bit longer to get going. I`m not sure if there is a term for this is Chinese, but many people seem to have taxi drivers that they call in the driver`s `free time` to take them places at a big discount(if it`s a far enough away place to make it worth it for them), and they will come to your building to pick you up. I`m sure developing a relationship with a taxi driver will make things easier in terms of them being patient and helping you.
    Me, I`m a bad mother who keeps her baby in her iron arms on her lap. No other choice as we have never had a car seat and now my baby is too big for those small ones.
    I also wore the bjorn when he was smaller, but make sure not to buckle the seatbelt over the baby, only you.

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    StareBear is offline Registered User
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    The maxi-cosi car seat can be secured with a seat belt quite easily and for me is the best way to travel with the baby - although it is a lot easier if you have a pram the seat will then snap onto as you don't want to be carrying the car seat around while you are out. I have the bugaboo bee and find this works well. This may not be practical for you with twins though as I imagine you will have a double pram...
    I have also used the baby bjorn in cabs and vans but I don't really feel comfortable doing that - I always think there is no way if I was back in Australia I would ever do this (putting aside that it would be illegal there anyway...). But then often the travel speeds here are a fair bit slower.

    My daughter is now 3 months old, and the thing I have realised is that it is so important for my sanity and general wellbeing that I am able to get out of the house, that I have to do whatever works, hopefully maximising safety for my baby at the same time as much as possible but recognising that it may be different from what I would do if I was living elsewhere.

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    LeahH is offline Registered User
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    I use the baby bjorn in taxis - just be sure to strap the seat belt between you and the baby, not around you both (more dangerous than using nothing at all). At 11 months, my son is almost too big for it, but I will keep using it as long as I can.

    The maxi cosi bucket seat is great as Stare Bear says, once you are used to it, it becomes very quick and easy to snap it in and out of cabs and into the pram.

    I once saw a couple in a mall here with a double pram that had two maxi cosi bucket seats (or a very similar style) attached. Not beside each, but one in front of the other. I remember thinking that it looked amazing for twins and would be very convenient for taxis or your own car.

    Once they get to 1 year and are too big for the maxi cosi you will have a problem. I have a bugaboo frog and if we are going on a longer trip or on the motorway, I sometimes put the whole seat part into cabs and strap the seatbelt through it. Not brilliant, but the best I can do.

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    aussie mum is offline Registered User
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    I used to travel in raxis with my son in the baby bjorn or ergo when he was little. As a poster above mentioned, the seatbelt was just across me (between my tummy and the baby. not around the baby as well.
    as soon as I had my second child I bit the bullet and bought a car.

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    BFT is offline Registered User
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    I used the Maxi Cosi capsule with Quinny Zapp pram for one baby and carried the other twin in a Baby Bjorn. I found it easy enough to unclip the capsule and fold the pram even with the second baby in the Baby Bjorn. The base of the pram would just sit at my feet in the taxi. I was able to use this combination until my twins were almost 18 months old.

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    babyumma is offline Registered User
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    I used the Bjorn when baby was smaller (up to 7months or so) then I switched to the Ergo which is fantastic. Belt strapped between you and baby - you pull the strap across your belly. it's pretty easy.. I think it's extremely dangerous to be carrying your baby in your arms.. (although very tempted to do so myself)

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    starbucks2 is offline Registered User
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    We used a Sit n' Stroll in taxis in HK. Fantastic until my son got to 16kgs and was too heavy to lift in it. They are hard to come by in HK and unfortunately we just sold ours : )

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