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Going back to work - breastfeeding and formula together?

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    premama is offline Registered User
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    Thanks all for your comments.

    In order prepare myself and the baby for my return to work, I introduced formula to my baby a few days ago....but he refuses to drink it happily. The most I could get him to drink was 50ml (fed by my husband/helper). Most of the times, he will only drink 10-20 ml, and usually cries loads and protests. Is this normal? Should I try a different brand of formula or just stick to this one and wait awhile until he gets used to it?

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    I went back to work at 12 weeks and managed to almost exclusively breastfeed my baby to 11 months old. This is what I did:

    7am breastfeed off one side and express from the other (the expressed milk was used for the 11am feed which I missed while at work)

    11am expressed milk

    3pm expressed milk (expressed from the 10.30pm feed the previous night - see below)

    7pm breastfeed

    10.30pm dream feed - formula feed and I expressed for the next days 3pm feed

    This worked for me and meant that I only needed to express twice a day at work which was ok for my work schedule. I didn't have anywhere where I could sterilise and pump in a clean environment so I pumped in the bathrooms and just threw away the milk. If there had been anywhere clean to do it then I'd have keep the milk I expressed at work.

    Good luck.


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