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Doctor wants to induce at 39 weeks

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    geomum is offline Registered User
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    I know what you ladies are talking about as I experienced it first hand I was induced at 41 weeks with my daughter after 10 hours of labour not progressing even though my water broke naturally. She was born after another 9 hours including 3 hours of pushing with the help of vacuum. She suffered a lot and so did I. Don't want the same thing to repeat.
    I have been reading that fetal weight estimation through ultrasound is inaccurate for average size babies.

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    bridiemexico is offline Registered User
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    Hi Geomum
    if there is no medical reason to induce then it is just interference in a normal pregnancy. Normal gestation is anywhere from 37-42 weeks. Scans can be inaccurate about the size of the baby. When the apple is ripe it will fall from the tree! no need to pluck it off too soon

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    MommyTo3 is offline Registered User
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    Feb 2008

    I agree with others. HK deliveries seem to be a lot about convenience. A doctor has to weigh the benefits of delivering or waiting based on the medical conditions. My first was late, came naturally (9 days), and I was scheduled for induction at 42 weeks. She came at 41w2d. She was over 9lbs, and I had a long and hard labor, but did deliver her vaginally. I had an NST in the 40th week to see how the baby was behaving and whether the conditions in the womb were still favorable.

    The same happened with the twins. I had NSTs at 36 and 37 weeks. I was induced at 38w2d, because after 38 weeks most doctors believe that the risks outweigh the benefits. I was also 4 1/2 cm dilated without going into labor. And they also measured large for gestational age (which is often wrong, especially with twins), and they were right (7lbs11oz and 7lbs10oz). At 6 am they started Pitocin, at 8 am they broke my water and gave me the epidural and they were born at 10.32 and 10.36 am.

    I would request regular NSTs (in the US they start when you're getting close to term, and and somewhere after 30 weeks with multiples). A 7lbs baby is not a big baby, it's an average size baby, and more often than not, estimates are wrong.

    Good luck!

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    Tini is offline Registered User
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    Jan 2010
    Hong Kong, NT

    Sorry but what kind of answer is that that your doctor gave you there! I would not agree to an induction unless there really is a medical reason. And a 7pound baby is not a medical reason but a normal sized newborn child; your baby is not too big! Go as long as the baby wants to stay and is ready to come out. I don't understand why they do this? Putting moms under pressure and forcing them into things they don't want. If you can go for a natural birth then go for it!

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    starbucks2 is offline Registered User
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    I agree with the above as well. The dr's reason for induction does not seem to be a very strong one. Also agree that weight predictions are often wrong. Both of mine were well out. The second one (born in Jan '10) was bigger than the estimate by 1 kilogram! 7 pounds does not sound like a big baby if that is one of the dr's reasons for pushing an induction. Drs do say induction pains are stronger than normal but if you are planning to have an epi then it is neither here nor there but my dr did say that there is a higher chance for intervention (ventouse/forceps) with an induction.

    Good luck and stick to your guns.


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    LeahH is offline Registered User
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    Hong Kong, Mid Levels

    I've been induced once for medical reasons and went into labour naturally once - both my kids were over 8lbs. The induction went well but the pain came very fast and hard, I would definitely prefer the natural route!

    I would definitely push back with your doc.

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    yonge is offline Registered User
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    Apr 2003
    Hong Kong

    I was induced at 39 weeks in Singapore, because I have a pre-existing condition (inter-uterine growth retardation) where my babies' growth trajectories actually slow down rather than accelerate during the last few weeks. The doctor was monitoring me twice a week and saw that the baby wasn't growing anymore, so it was safer to bring him out rather than to have him burn his accumulated fat reserves (what little of it) and wait for him to come "naturally".

    My first was born by c-section at 37 weeks in Hong Kong. He didn't even give me the option of inducing and going natural. He rather indelicately suggested that I could end up with a still-born if I waited to go natural. Both my babies were born very small - ~2.5kg.

    I agree with LeahH that labor ramps up pretty quickly and intensely with an induction. The anaethesiologist got the epidural in just in time, thank God, so overall I had a good experience with induction. I love the idea of going natural, but with IUGR, the risks seemed too high. Good luck!

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    Panda2010 is offline Registered User
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    Jan 2010
    tai Tam

    It doesn't matter if the baby is the right size - it is obviously not ready to come out yet. I would wait for your baby to decide when its ready to come out.

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