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Need help desperately!!! 2weeks sleeping not drinking enough!

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    vitasoy_125ml is offline Registered User
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    Nov 2009

    I think what you need to look at is her wet diapers, poop and weight gain. As long as she is getting at least 6 wet diapers and a few poop per 24 hours, and is gaining weight,then you don't really need to wake her up to feed . with Formula fed babies, they sleep more and you don't feed as freq as breastfed babies.

    Does she have jaundice? Jaundice babies tend to be more fatigue and sleep a lot more.

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    monte is offline Registered User
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    Agree with all the other statements about checking weight gain, and counting diapers. You normally can trust your baby to tell you when he's hungry, except the risk is that if they aren't eating enough in the very early days, they sometimes won't be taking in enough calories to stay awake longer and eat more. We were happy to have a baby who slept so much, but then got into a bad spiral for awhile of losing more and more weight. We had to set the alarm clocks to wake him up and try to get some food in him since he wouldn't do it himself. But eventually, around 3 weeks, it turned around and he started gaining weight. At that point the doctor said to just keep track of the wet diapers but we could trust him to tell us when he was hungry, and we didn't have to "force feed" anymore. So if weight gain is ok, just relax and be thankful for your sleepy baby! :)

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    babyat23 is offline Registered User
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    I have a 3 wks old. For the 1st week or so he was sleepy during feedings and nothing I did worked. Once he slept 7 hrs straight!!! I was really worried as he got a slight case of jaundice. But since last wk he now sleeps 3 hrs periods during the day and needs at least 4 ounces upon waking up. At night he wakes up almost hourly and needs 2 ounces each time!!! If your baby is otherwise should give it some time even though I totally understand how worrisome it can be.

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