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Sick of my & tired of helper!!!

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    geomum, please make sure your daughter is never out the the sight of your helper as a friend of mine has just told me some horrible stories about kidnapping in hk

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    geomum, i agree with the rest about finding a replacement first before giving her notice. and make sure she doesn't find out about your search for a replacement just yet. for the meantime, may i suggest that you give her a detailed schedule to save yourself from repeating what you need her to do everyday. for example: 6am - cook breakfast; 7am - do laundry, etc. goodluck!

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    I have to agree with everyone else. If she's not helping and adding more stress to your life, then definitely find a replacement. There are some really great helpers out there.

    My first helper drove me looney,and I was sooo happy when she finally left us. Our second was amazing, and our third is good too.

    Good luck!

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