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Eating kleenex....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frenchy View Post
    Just one thing about kids eating hairs... hairs are not digested through the intestines, and can become a real problem, as either they stay in the stomach, or make some little balls and hurt the intestines. I guess small quantity is still ok, but it's better to look after this habit. A friend had to have her son's head shaved because of this...
    Nice to know. I haven`t actually found any in his diaper, so that would make sense. Like most things, however, he usually just keeps chewing it his mouth until I force it open and remove the hair\paper\etc from it. But I will keep more of an eye on him now, thanks~

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    My little one (9 months) is also a big fan of papers & tissues. He likes both tearing up papers and eating tissues. Once not long ago he was having a bit of cold and refused nearly any food I gave him. I tried to feed him yummy sweet potatoes but he turned his head away and munched on tissues!! He still put things into his mouth but not as bad as when he was 5-6 months. Now he will take a look at the things first and see if he thinks they are yummy or not... I don't really mind letting my son put thingie into mouth as long as they are not harmful/poisonous; but my husband tends to say NO to everything except food. I think it's just a nature of all babies.. they explore their world through mouth, why be so strict?!?

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    Same here. My girl (almost one) LOVES eating paper and tissues. She started attacking our pile of newspapers and would rip them up and munch shreds. Then she moved on to magazines, chewed even the corners of her cardboard books. Paper tissues are quite digestible in comparison! We try to keep reading materials out of her reach but every now and then she is quicker than us. So far, she's still thriving!

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