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Birth control while breastfeeding

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    Birth control while breastfeeding

    Can anyone advise me on birth control besides Depo shots or mini-pills? Thank you.

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    condoms are pretty much it when you are bf.

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    I have attached a file giving more informatin about contraception while breastfeeding and below is a summary of the file's information.

    Progestin-only methods of contraception are considered compatible with breastfeeding. Progestin-only methods include a variety of contraceptives, including the minipill, progestin-IUDs, progestin releasing vaginal rings, injectables (Depo-Provera), and implants (Norplant). However, it is generally recommended that progestin-only methods be postponed until after the first six to eight weeks of breastfeeding. Although small amounts of progestin do pass into mother's milk, research has found no long-term effects on the children of nursing mothers.

    Hormonal contraceptives containing estrogen are not considered the best choice for breastfeeding mothers because they have been found to have the greatest effect on breastfeeding (They tend to reduce the supply). However, breastfeeding can still continue if they are used. Two methods containing estrogen include the combined oral contraceptive pill and the combined injectable. If chosen, it is recommended that methods containing estrogen not be started until after the baby is at least six months old and consuming other foods. Although small amounts of estrogen do pass into mother's milk, there is no indication of any long-term effects on breastfed children.

    Best wishes,

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    NFP is a good choice. I'm a teacher of the Billings Ovulation Method. Please send me pm if you are interested in having a class.

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