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Chronic Back Pain

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    In where I live, people would suggest you to get a helper. I know this is probably not an option that you would make, but it definitely helped me to ease my back pain.

    And Like it was recommended in the last post, to get a massage. I know it can be expensive in HongKong. How about getting one in Shenzhen on your husband's day's off? I try to get one as soon as I can get away.

    My 9 month old is very attached to me too. But I am trying to have him to bond with my husband and now the new helper. This way I can get some rest and be physically strong for my next and for the rest of my life when my children leave the nest.

    This might sound a bit selfish. But he likes to ride on daddy's arms and now slowly warming up to the helper. But I make sure I have enough time playing with him and would tuck him in bed most nights.

    I know this is not very helpful but I hope you get the treatment you need.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shenzhennifer View Post
    I found a place naer here (canadian asian neck and back institute and they have pilates and many physiotherapists there. Am waiting for someone to return my phone call though. I just want to know about the first consultation\assessment and what will happen (and how much). basically I want to know if I can bring my son:) Maybe you can let me know how your appt goes today~
    I asked her and she's going to contact someone she knows and get back to me. I don't bring my daughter to my visits - I don't think I could. I leave her with a friend - actually pilates is my one hr a week when I'm not with her!!

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