My daughter got accepted into Ming Wai for K1. I had decided against sending her to school till she turned three as I work from home. In the end, however, I gave in to the pressure. Whilst she was interviewing for Kindergarten, I had a chat with the principal and they accepted her into Nursery school.

I am looking around for 2nd hand uniforms on the basis that she will be going to a more local kindergarten in September 2013. I am currently taking her for interviews. Like some parents, I want her to be able to speak Mandarin and Cantonese. English is her first language, so, that is not my concern.

I know the principal in Wisely but distance is a concern. I hear from friends with kids there that they really teach the kids to be polite.

As I live in the Eastern District, I also looked at Rosaryhill School. If cost is a concern, Rosaryhill School is under the voucher scheme and I think they have at least 1% of mixed and western kids. Please do not quote me on this my statistics on this is entirely based on how many mixed kids I see during the registration day. I went to Rosaryhill School Kindergarten myself and, even in my time, there were one or two western kids in the school.

However, as I want a stricter environment, I am looking at Ling Liang Church, St Paul's Church, Dominic Savio etc. Having said that, I still think the interview process is entirely ridiculous.