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Temporary nanny/helper - any advice?

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    Temporary nanny/helper - any advice?

    Hello everyone, I've just moved to HK from Singapore and am awaiting approval for my helpers here. I need help in the meantime as have a toddler and a baby - can anyone recommend a part-time nanny agency or part-time helpers that can be legally employed (ie not moonlighting)?


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    Depends on whether you want childminding services or cleaning services, or both.

    For childminding, am aware of 2 agencies, Rent-A-Mum and The Nanny Experts who have nannies who can come full-time or part time. They are quite expensive but I believe very professional. No personal experience with their services so it is up to you to vet. I believe there are a few other similar agencies also, again search the threads on this website.

    For cleaning services, I have used the Employment Retraining Board. ERB - Smart Living
    They sent along a local Cantonese lady living near my place. Charged hourly ($80/hr) and worked 3-4 hours. You can negotiate for her to come in several times a week or daily according to your respective schedules. Some will prepare meals and babysit as well, it depends on your requirements and what the 'ah soh' is willing to do. We had this local lady do part time cleaning before our baby arrived. She was a reasonably good worker and pleasant too. A bit bossy and offered lots of unwanted advice when she learned I was pregnant, but it is all about personality and whether you can get on.

    Aside from this, there are a number of HK/mainland residents here who have offered babysitting services on an hourly basis, you can search the other threads. You will have to screen them.

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