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buying a violin

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    buying a violin

    i am learning violin in a local music school. and.. my teacher has volunteered to buy a violin for me. the violin will costs around 4 to 5k. problem is, what if he bought the violin, and pass to me and it comes with no receipt? what should i do?

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    This seems to be pretty common in HK. I have never attended a violin class, but did attend some other classes (like sewing classes), and usually the instructor would have something to sell you, or offer to buy stuff for you. Usually they would tell you the price, and will not give you receipt for that. Sometime it is convenient, cause it saves you time, and you don't have to find where to buy the stuff that you need.... I guess the teacher also makes a profit out of the "favor", or get some sort of reward from the place she gets the merchandise.

    I think it is acceptable for cheap stuffs... but for a 4K to 5K violin, I would really do some research first, specially since there are many big musical instrument shops located in convenient malls, were you can go an buy the violin by yourself. You can also ask you teacher about the model, and if it would come with any guarantee (i guess if it comes with a guarantee, then it will come with a receipt). Then check for the price and see if it really worth for you buying it from your teacher.

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    If you're a complete beginner, a violin shouldn't cost more than HK$1K. If you're playing well enough to care about the sound you're upgrading for, then you probably want to have a chance to play on the instrument or get someone you trust to do so. Sometimes, professional musicians wishing to trade-up, may relinquish a pretty decent instrument at a good price through their informal network. That's how my husband got his violin through his teacher 20 years ago in HK for US$10,000, which was a very good price then.

    I'm actually going to go to Ray Lee, a violin maker in HK that has a really good reputation among both professionals and students. Would you like to come? I'm trying to get his contact details and check it out to get a few things.

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