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we started on s26 for keaton's first month and he had problems digesting the stuff; he was crying in agony trying to poop.

we then changed to Meiji which is a japanese formula recommended to us by a friend. he told us that a group of people he knew all started using meiji and their kids behaviour started to change. they were more alert, more happy and generally displaying an intelligence above babies of similar ages. at first we were sceptical about this, but decided to go with meiji since we needed to change from Wyeth S26 anyway.

At first all seemed well, digesting wasnt a problem anymore and Keaton was very happy and active, laughing out loud at two months of age, and doing a lot of baby talk.

At around 3 months, keaton had his first cough and started teething aswell. he then also started getting diarrhoea, pooping around 4-5 times a day. Whether this was due to teething, we werent sure, but doctor advised us to change formula to a lactose-free variety.

We changed to Meiji Lactose Free, but keaton was still having watery poos. so we changed again, to Morinaga and hey presto! within a couple of days, all poos were back to normal! Also with Morinaga, Keaton seemed to put on weight a lot quicker, whether this was down to having just one poo a day or not I'm not sure.

However, going back to what my friend said when he introduced us to Meiji (in that babies were active and very alert), we noticed a behavioural change with Keaton when he was on Morinaga. The usual alertness, laughing and smiling we associated with Meiji was gone, instead the Morinaga formula seemed to make him sleepy, a bit grouchy when he was tired and quite restless when he was awake.

We've had him back onto Meiji for the last couple of days now, and it amazes me how much a baby's behaviour can change from drinking a formula! Whether it's me and the missus suffering from some sort of delusional preconception or not, i dont know, but all I can tell you is that everything I've written here is true. Our only problem with Meiji is that even though Keaton is happy and chatty again his watery poos are back.

We've looked online at some chinese forums and a few parents have stated that babies start off well on meiji and end up having lots of poops a day. But once changed onto something else, they're poos are normal.
Hi, thanks for your sharing.

I have recently bought a can of Meiji as I heard from my friends that they can grow their baby boys fat with this brand (i have a relatively small and thin baby !).

But after I tried this once, my boy started to have very watery poops and hence I quickly stopped and switched back to enfamil A+ for newborns. I will try it again later next week to see if the watery poop is associated with Meiji formula. It also sounds very weird that a formula can actually change a baby's formula. I would be really worried if this is the case as i wonder what ingredients they put into the formula to achieve this !!