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Good doctors for pregnancies with problems?

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    Dr. Ghosh was actually a specialist at QMH before he went into private practice. So he might be your best bet as the high risk cases at QMH is quite high. Might be the best of both worlds = Private + Public experience.

    Good Luck!

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    Firstly, I am sorry to hear about your problems and my thoughts have been with you - been following your blog regularly.

    You are right in that Dr YH Lam appears to be the guru in prenatal diagnostics in HK. I would imagine that if anyone had seen more cases of skeletal dysplasia (either his own patients or probably more often, referrals for a second opinion) it would be him. I've been to see him a couple of times for ultrasounds and also for an amnio (I wanted someone who do them very often), and I did find him a bit blas?. But he probably sees so many normal cases as well, that he becomes quite indifferent to them. I would hope that because you have a genuine problem he would spend more time explaining things to you.

    I don't know Dr Ghosh, and I am sure he is a good doctor. Although I think there is a bit of a difference between high risk pregnancies and pre-natal diagnostics. Because your problem is relatively rare, I think it is important to find someone who would have seen it more often than others, and get all your questions answered.

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