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Day care??

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    Day care??

    I have been desparately looking for a day care for my little one who is 9 months old.

    Although I have a full time helper, I would very much like my LO to have her time away from the helper. My families in UK and Australia share how their LO develop their own character, confidence, social skills and immune system better than spending at home.

    Any idea?

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    there are VERY few daycares around. the ones that are cost more than a helper. the other ones are for low income families.

    why not get your helper to take your little one to playgroups? to the park? to the supermarket? as she gets older, to ocean park? the library? playtown? cheeky monkey?

    every child will develop their own character regardless of if they go to day care or not. it is up to you and the helper to instill in her the confidence, social skills that you hope for her to have.

    there are MANY playgroups out there that are excellent for what you are looking for.

    (on a personal note, i MUCH prefer my two kids ~3 & 5~ to have the 1-1 attention at home and learn from playgroups/school for a few hours per day or per week.)

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