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    My daughter's had a bit, not sure exactly when her first was, probably about 12 months old... I can't eat ANYTHING in front of her without her wanting to try so I just let her have a taste (like a tiny bite of a kit kat, not a whole stick). She loves it, but probably has only had it MAYBE once a month (and always just a taste, not a whole lot). It's made me eat less chocolate too as a result. Tragic, I know...

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    I have food allergies myself and so does my little girl, so I cook and take her meals in a food warmer when we go out including on our trips out of HK. The only thing I have ever fed her off my plate is very small bits of plain bread. I gave her just a small bite of a plain sponge cake after her egg allergy was completely cleared. She had a taste of her 1st eggless birthday cake and had some hives right after that (probably due to something else in the cake).

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    My baby had a taste of chocolate (in cake or choco mousse) prob around 11month. He liked his chocolate cake on his first birthday. I don't give him chocolate as a snake but will give him a small piece of chocolate cake or cookie when we have some.

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    My elder son tasted chocolate on his first birthday. We had a chocolate cake. But he didn't even so much as swallow the bite.. He was not even interested in chocolate until he was 2 and half.. It was like BAM! That's top favourite for him..
    My daughter didn't like chocolate until 2and half too.. End up she's not a big fan. Prefers biscuits.
    I believe in giving everything moderately.. I rather be there when they try rather than they try it elsewhere eg school, then I can't see their faces when they first taste something.

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