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Agency recomendation

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    Agency recomendation

    Hi All,

    Notice that there are lot of different agencies for contracting helpers. Can you share your experience? Are the fee the same? any one good in particular? any one with bad reputation?

    Thanks a lot!

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    I don't know which one is good, but I can tell Megasea is REAL BAD from my own experience.

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    i haven't found a good one so far, but my experience with suntec has been very bad

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    you MUST check the agencies' fees. they can be VASTLY different.

    when we hired our second helper, we already knew who we wanted, but he was in the PH. we had no choice but to use an agency.

    when i asked around, i was quoted anywhere from $2400-3700 for the agency fee. but because he was in PH, he had to take a "course" on being a helper in hk (he was the only man with 20 women on this course... they learned how to use various eletrical machines, how to cook a meal, go to the market etc). this course, i had to pay extra for... some agencies charged $600, others quoted me $6000!!! i kid you not! i wrote it down and showed it back to them to make sure that i'd heard them correctly and there wasn't a mistake!

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